Operating periods and holidays of liberal adult education courses

Operating periods and holidays

There are usually no lessons during the autumn, Christmas and winter holidays or after 5 pm on the eves of holidays.

Autumn 2018

Mon, 15 October – Sun, 21 October, autumn holiday, no lessons
Fri, 2 November, no evening lessons
Sat, 3 November, All Saints’ Day, no lessons
Wed, 5 December, no evening lessons
Thu, 6 December, Independence Day, no lessons

Mon, 17 December – Sun 6 January 2019, Christmas holiday, no lessons

Spring 2019

Mon, 18 February – Sun, 24 February, winter holiday, no lessons
Thu, 18 April, no evening lessons
Fri, 19 April – Mon, 22 April, Easter, no lessons
Tue, 30 April, no evening lessons
Wed, 1 May, May Day, no lessons
Wed, 29 May, no evening lessons
Thu, 30 May, Ascension Day, no lessons
Sat, 8 June, no evening lessons
Sun, 9 June, Whit Sunday, no lessons
Fri, 21 June – Sun, 23 June  Midsummer, no lessons