Operating periods and holidays of liberal adult education courses

Operating periods and holidays

There are usually no lessons during the autumn, Christmas and winter holidays or after 5 pm on the eves of holidays.

Autumn 2019

Mon, 14 October – Sun, 20 October, autumn holiday, no lessons
Fri, 1 November, no evening lessons
Sat, 2 November, All Saints’ Day, no lessons
Thu, 5 December, no evening lessons
Fri, 6 December, Independence Day, no lessons
Mon, 17 December – Sun 6 January 2019, Christmas holiday, no lessons

Spring 2020

Mon, 6 January, no lessons
Mon, 17 February – Sun, 23 February, winter holiday, no lessons
Thu, 18 April, no evening lessons
Fri, 19 April – Mon, 22 April, Easter, no lessons
Thu, 9 April, no evening lessons
Fri, 10 April – Sun, 12 April, no lessons
Mon, 13 April, no lessons
Thu, 30 April, no evening lessons
Fri, 1 May, no lessons
Wed, 20 May, no evening lessons
Thu, 21 May, Ascension Day, no lessons
Sat, 30 May, no evening lessons
Sun, 31 May, Whit Sunday, no lessons
Thu, 18 June, no evening lessons
Fri, 19 June– Sun, 21 June,  Midsummer, no lessons