Finnish for foreigners

Learn practical Finnish skills for everyday life and work on our Finnish for foreigners -courses.

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Read more about Finnish for foreigners and courses in English: Suomen kielen opiskelu 2021-2022

Language course skills levels

The language courses are divided into skill levels. These correspond to the levels of Common European Framework of Reference for languages:

  1. Basic User (elementary) levels A1 and A2
  2. Independent User (intermediate) levels B1 and B2

After the Basic User level courses, you will be able to understand everyday speech, read simple texts and write short messages.

On the more demanding Independent User level you will understand more complex written and spoken Finnish, for example, the language of the media. You will be able to write longer texts and gain good command of basic Finnish grammar.

Teaching is done in Finnish. Please note that you must master the Latin alphabet to be able to attend most of the courses.

Finnish courses for specific target groups

Most of the Finnish for foreigners courses are open for everyone. We also organise courses for specific target groups.

Courses for stay-at-home parents are meant for full-time parents who live in Espoo. On these courses children are with their parents during teaching.

Literacy training courses are meant for primary or semi-illiterate students, adults and elderly to whom slowly proceeding and functional methods suit better.

The National Certificate of Language Proficiency Test (YKI) in Finnish will be arranged three times a year. We also organise YKI prep courses. Please see further information on YKI courses.

Need counselling in Finnish studies?

Welcome to Kielitupa on Wednesdays at 2—4 p.m. Kielitupa is open 2.8.-8.12.2021 (not 20.10.). In Kielitupa you can get student counselling for Finnish language studies. Kielitupa is located in Tapiola, Itätuulenpiha 1, 1st floor.

For assistance, you can also send e-mail to or contact Finnish teacher, by tel. 040 126 7448 (Mondays & Wednesdays at 12—1 p.m.) during the autumn term 2.8.-8.12.2021. (not during the autumn Holiday 22.2. & 24.2.)

Other offering for foreigners

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