Course enrolment and cancellation

Course enrolment

▪ Enrol online at or by telephone on +358 20 692 444.
▪ Enrol for Open University courses at or by tel. +358 43 825 3078. You will find more specific enrolment times with the course information.
▪ Enrolment for Finnish language courses: see or the syllabus for Finnish language courses.

▪ We reserve the right to make changes to course enrolment, payment and cancellation terms.
▪ Enrolment is binding.
▪ Our courses are intended for persons aged 16 years or older.

▪ You can enrol for the entire year’s courses in the autumn (one course code, one invoice in the autumn). Some of the courses continue in the spring with a new course code, and you can enrol for both courses in the autumn (two course codes, invoices in the autumn and spring).
▪ Course enrolment starts at 12:00 noon, staggered based on the subject area. Once enrolment begins, you can enrol for courses as long as there are places available. If the course is full, you can remain on a waiting list for a place to become available. If a place becomes available, the teaching team will contact you by text message or e-mail.

Instructions for online enrolment

▪ Enrol online at
Registration and enrolment instructions can be found at Ilmonet in the top bar under “Ohjeet” (“Instructions”)
▪ Persons under the age of 18 years cannot enroll through Ilmonet.
▪ You cannot enrol another person for a course using your personal online banking credentials or Ilmonet username and password. Course places are personal and cannot be given to another person.

Instructions for enrolment by telephone

▪ Enrol by calling +358 20 692 444 Mon-Thu 12.30–3.30 pm.
▪ You will be asked for the course number, personal information and contact information.
If you want to enroll another person for a course, you will be asked for their complete personal information.
We need the payer’s personal information and contact information for the invoice.
▪ Students under the age of 18 years can only be enrolled for courses by telephone.

Terms of cancellation

▪ You can cancel your enrolment free of charge no later than 10 days before the course is scheduled to start.
▪ For cancellations done 1–9 days before the course is scheduled to start, we will charge 50% of any course fees that exceed €16. If the course fee is €16 or less, we will charge the full fee. There is a separate material fee for cooking classes.
▪ For cancellations done less than 24 hours before the course is scheduled to start, we will charge the full fee. It is recommended to cancel weekend courses by Thursday at 3 pm.
▪ You can cancel a course more than 9 days before the course is scheduled to start through the Ilmonet system. After that, the cancellation must be done through the customer service centre by telephone or via e-mail (with CANCELLATION marked in the subject field).
Contact information: or +358 20 692 444 Mon–Thu at 12 noon–3 pm.
▪ You can only cancel through the website or the customer service centre, not through teachers. Failure to pay the course fee or attend lessons is not a cancellation.

Lesson cancellations and changes

▪ If a lesson is cancelled, we will strive to inform you by a text message, e-mail or by phone. Our customer service is closed on weekends, which is why a course cancellation may come with a delay.
▪ We reserve the right to change the teaching location, time and teacher. Replacement lessons may be held during unusual hours or at different locations. The teacher may also be changed.
▪ If only one lesson is cancelled on courses that last for the whole term, you will not be entitled to deductions from the course fee or a compensation lesson.
▪ If a course is cancelled due to low enrolment numbers, we will notify the students of the cancellation.