Benefits and discounts

Payment with employee benefits

  • You can pay for courses of the Adult Education Centre at the service points of the City of Espoo.
  • Acceptable means of payment include the following sports and culuture vouchers, cards or mobile payment: Eazybreak, Smartum, Edenred and ePassi.
  • Bring the invoice you want to pay and an ID.
  • These means of payment are personal and cannot be used for copy, materials or test fees.
  • If you want to pay using employee benefits, the invoice must be paid no later than on the due date.
  • You cannot use the above means of payment to pay for the course if there is an (s) in the course information or if the invoice has been transferred to a dept collection agency.
  • If you have received the invoice as an online payment link, please wait until you receive the course invoice by post or as a bank e-invoice. Employee benefits cannot be used for payment through an online payment link. 

Unemployment discount

  • The unemployed receive a 50% discount on course fees over €16.
  • The discount does not apply to courses with special pricing (ERI courses), Open University courses, qualification fees, copy and materials fees, OPH course, YKI (National Certificate of Language Proficiency) Finnish language courses or level tests.
  • ​​​​​​​Unemployment must be demonstrated before the start of the course, once every term. Send the proof document to the customer service by e-mail in PDF format or by post. You can also bring the proof document and show it at the Adult Education Centre or the City of Espoo’s Citizen’s Services office.
  • The only accepted proof document is the unemployment certificate that can be printed out at the TE services website through E-services.
  • Eligibility for the unemployment discount depends on the code describing your employment status determined
  • by the TE services.


  • The Kaikukortti card is intended for the customers of social welfare and health care service communities involved in the Kaikukortti network who otherwise would not be able to use cultural services due to their difficult financial situation.
  • With Kaikukortti, you can attend a maximum of one course per term free of charge at the Espoo Adult Education Centre. Family courses can also be attended together with a child. (updated 21 Dec 2018)
  • The scope of Kaikukortti does not include Finnish language courses or courses that are part of a qualification: general language qualification, Open University courses and basic art education, CEVNI, navigation courses as well as courses leading to a certificate, such as first aid courses and the hygiene passport as well as fees of open learning environments (updated 9 May 2019).  
  • Holders of Kaikukortti can enrol for courses normally through Ilmonet or by telephone to the Customer Service of the Espoo Adult Education Centre tel. +358 20 692 444.

Note: Please report your Kaikukortti number without delay after each course enrolment by email at or by telephone to the Customer Service of the Adult Education Centre. Otherwise, you will be charged the course fee.

Training subsidy for FNBE courses

  • Courses with the identifier FNBE (in Finnish OPH) receive a training subsidy from the Finnish National Board of Education.
  • The course information includes both the FNBE price and the actual course fee.
  • The training subsidy is intended for people with a low level of basic training, immigrants, unemployed people, people over 63 years of age, pensioners and people with learning difficulties. Pensioners refer to persons who receive basic pension, employment pension or disability pension and are not gainfully employed.
  • The person receiving the subsidy must belong to the target group and attend the course regularly.
  • Anyone can attend the FNBE courses by paying the actual course fee.
  • The students are admitted in order of enrolment, but a separate application is required for training in reading and writing skills for immigrants.
  • The FNBE courses are not subject to an unemployment discount.


  • Students of the Adult Education Centre or their personal property have not been insured.