Benefits and discounts

Payment with employee benefits

You can pay Adult Education Centre courses at the City of Espoo’s Citizen’s Services offices.

 We accept payment with Smartum’s culture and sports vouchers and cards, Edenred Virikeseteli vouchers, Ticket Duo and Mind&Body cards, and Sporttipassi and Kulttuuripassi.

Bring the invoice and personal identification when coming to pay.

These means of payment are personal and cannot be used for copy, material or test fees.

It is not possible to pay a course using these means of payment if the course title is labelled with (s) or if the invoice has been forwarded to a collection agency.

Unemployment discount

The unemployed receive a 50% discount on course fees over €16.

The discount does not apply to courses with special pricing (ERI courses), cooking classes, Open University courses, degree fees, copy or material fees, OPH or YKI courses or Finnish language level tests.

Unemployment must be demonstrated before the start of the course, once every term. Send the proof document to customer service by e-mail or post. You can also bring the proof document and show it at the Adult Education Centre or the City of Espoo’s Citizen’s Services office.

You can print out a certificate of unemployment at the TE services website to serve as a proof document.

Training subsidy for OPH courses

Courses with the identifier OPH receive a training subsidy from the Finnish National Board of Education.

The OPH price is stated in the course description. The training subsidy is intended for immigrants, unemployed people, people over 63 years of age, pensioners and people with learning difficulties.

If you are a member of a target group and participate in the course regularly, you can take it for the OPH price.

If you attend less than 66% of the lessons, you will be charged the full course fee afterwards.

Anyone can join an OPH course, but if you are not in one of the subsidy’s target groups, you must pay the full course fee.

The students are admitted in order of enrolment, but an application is required for training in reading and writing skills for immigrants.

OPH courses are not subject to an unemployment discount.


Students of the Adult Education Centre or their personal property have not been insured.