Facts about Omnia

Omnia, the Joint Authority of Education in Espoo Region, offers

  • Upper secondary vocational education and training, apprenticeship training, general upper secondary education, workshops and liberal adult education courses.
  • Flexible opportunities to combine studies and hobbies in a meaningful way.
  • Competence development services and partnership for companies and working life.

Omnia in numbers

  • 8300 students studying for a vocational qualification
  • 1900 general upper secondary students
  • 230 young people in youth workshops
  • 150 students in basic education
  • 1200 attending professional development and further vocational training
  • 49 000 students attending liberal adult education courses approx. 3000 courses
  • 360 VALMA students (preparatory education for vocational training)
  • 870 staff members + approx. 600 full-time teachers

Omnia is also involved in

  • Dozens of regional and international cooperation projects
  • Hundreds of international exchanges for students and experts
  • Employing hundreds of students in work-based learning environments
  • Organising almost 2,000 further education days for teachers
  • Working with dozens of multisector entrepreneurs on campus
  • Development and distribution of digital competence
  • Corporate and entrepreneurial services

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