Omnia highlights

Omnia is a forerunner in developing education. Here are some of our achievements as well as projects in which we have had the pleasure to partner.
  • 2018: Twinning project to Moldova
  • 2018: Omnia has received a Sustainable Development Certificate by OKKA Foundation on the basis of external audit. Read the news about the Certificate.
  • 2015: Omnia was admitted the status of an accredited organisation by the Ministry of Education of Finland. It grants us more easily funding for Ka1-mobility projects for three years than without accrediation.
  • 2015: Honorary award in the quality innovation compatition of Finnish Quality Association for Omnia's development service unit InnoOmnia for its long-term development and innovation for vocational education.
  • 2013-2017 Omnia successfully completed two EU Twinning projects: the two-year project in Egypt enhanced institutional capacities to manage and advocate vocational education and training (VET) while the three-year project in Kosovo supported the education sector in enhancing the quality of pre-university education. Read more about the Twinning Kosovo.
  • 2013: National Quality Award of the Ministry of Education and Culture with special recognition for entrepreneurial learning. Read the press release (in Finnish).
  • 2013: Konsta award for InnoOmnia for promoting innovation in learning. Read the news at the Finnish Inventors National Federation website (in Finnish)
  • 2013: Membership in UNEVOC,  a global community promoting excellence in vocational education and training. Read the news at the UNEVOC website. Read about Omnia's visit to UNESCO-UNEVOC.
  • 2013: Omnia's effort to blend the world of work and vocational education and training were recognised in the WISE book Learning a Living: Radical Innovation in Education for Work.