Vocational Qualification in Information and Communications Technology

Software Developer

Qualification in Information and Communications Technology gives opportunities to working life and further education both in domestic and international level in the world-renowned field of computer technology.

The focus of this vocational qualification is the competence area of Software Development. Those who have completed the competence area of Software Development are able to analyze, design and build software with suitable programming languages and to use suitable description methods to model organizational activities and terminology in software projects. They also have a good command of the English terminology in the field.

A software developer needs logical thinking and the ability to get along with people. It is essential to be able to express things fluently orally and in writing.

A software developer is constantly required to learn something new and take an independent approach. It is important to have good project management skills and the ability to prioritize work.

As a software development graduate, one has the opportunity to work as a web developer and/or focus on software testing or software design.

Studying in English equips the student to better understand international research and work environments.

Students do work practice in an organization related to their field and they get career opportunities and networks through their work practice.

Omnia collaborates with universities of Applied Sciences so that the students have an opportunity to pursue courses of universities of Applied Sciences as part of their vocational qualification, which opens an easy access to their further education.

Studying for a vocational qualification in English will improve your language skills and grants you eligibility for further studies in university or university of applied sciences.

Application period

The next application time will be published later. Please follow Omnia web pages. See important dates.

Student admission criteria

Please note that the information on the application form is used as a basis for student admission, so fill in your application carefully.

The applicants will be invited to Finnish and English language tests by email.

Please note! Applicants need to pass both the Finnish and English written and oral language tests in order for their applications to be processed. This qualification is appropriate for those, who wish to study in English. However, basic command of Finnish is also necessary in order to be able to work in Finland.

Read additional information on student admission.

Admissions relevant information: haku@omnia.fi

Duration of studies

Personalisation for the studies is organized before the beginning of the studies.

Duration of studies depends on the student's basic education and the progress of the studies.

Language requirements

English: B2
Finnish: A2.1. 

Read additional information on student admission.

Implementation of studies

The studies are evening studies consisting of e-learning, contact-teaching and including 4 months of on-the-job learning periods.

Content of studies

Ammatilliset tutkinnon osat 145 osp

Pakolliset tutkinnon osat:
Tieto- ja viestintätekniikan perustehtävät, 25 osp
Ohjelmointi, 45 osp
Ohjelmistokehittäjänä toimiminen, 45 osp
Valinnaiset tutkinnon osat:
Ohjelmiston toteuttaminen ohjelmistokomponenttikirjastolla, 30 osp
Verkkopalvelun tekninen toteuttaminen, 15 osp + AMK kurssit 15 osp
Yhteiset tutkinnon osat:
Viestintä- ja vuorovaikutusosaaminen, 11 osp
Matemaattis-luonnontieteellinen osaaminen, 6 osp
Yhteiskunta- ja työelämäosaaminen, 9 osp


Studying is free of charge.

Further information

Tiina Isoviita, Study Counsellor
p. 0401267673

Tomi Vähätiitto, Education Manager
p. 0401264942