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Vocational education and training student admission criteria

The admission criteria influence how your points are calculated.

Applicants are selected on the basis of the following criteria and weightings: 

  1. Foundation training of the applicant:
    Applicants without previous vocational qualifications are given priority in admission.
  2. Starting points the applicant:
    The applicant has, for example, a previous work history, hobbies, previous studies and/or familiarity with the content of the qualification, which provide a good starting point for completing the qualification.  Comprehensive reasoning gives the best score.
  3. Career plan of the applicant:
    The applicant has goals and plans on how to use the qualification and the knowledge gained from it, for example, for employment, career advancement, post-graduate studies or entrepreneurship. Comprehensive reasoning gives the best score.
  4. Educational needs of the applicant:
    An applicant has, for example, an unfinished qualification, health reasons, unemployment, threat of unemployment, a qualification required for employment, the need for professional development or a top athlete status. Comprehensive reasoning gives the best score.

Assessment of language proficiency

If the applicant’s native language is not Finnish, the applicant’s language proficiency is verified. These applicants are invited to a language test. However, exemptions can be given to applicants who provide an acceptable certificate of language proficiency. Read more about assessment of language proficiency.

Conditionality of study place

The study place granted to the applicant is conditional until their identity and the information provided in the application have been verified. These will be verified at the latest during the personalisation discussion at the beginning of the studies. 

The applicant must also read carefully the contents of the qualifications/education they are applying for.

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