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Assessment of language skills

Omnia verifies that the applicant’s language skills are sufficient for studying.

Applicants’ Finnish and English skills are assessed. Language proficiency can be demonstrated either by a certificate or by taking a language test. In the absence of an acceptable certificate, the applicant will receive an invitation to a language test by e-mail. It must be completed successfully in order for the application to proceed.

Language tests (Finnish and English)

Please note! The language tests can only be completed at Omnia campuses in Espoo, Finland. Applicants need to pass both the written and oral Finnish and English language tests in order for their applications to be processed. 

  • The applicants will be invited to the language test by e-mail. 
  • Applicants, who pass the written language tests (Finnish and English), will be invited to an oral language test (Finnish and English).
  • If your mother tongue is Finnish, you may be exempted from the Finnish language test (written and oral). 
  • If your mother tongue is English, you may be exempted from the English language test (written and oral). 

Language requirements

The following certificates are accepted as proof of sufficient Finnish language skills:

  • basic education certificate in Finnish 
  • YKI certificate with at least two areas on at least level 3 
  • certificate of integration training, MANU, VALMA or MAVA, where all four areas are at least A2.2 
  • certificate of general upper secondary education, vocational qualification, university or university of applied sciences degree completed in Finnish 
  • basic education certificate with Finnish completed as the second domestic language. This applies to those who have completed basic education in English or Swedish. 
  • Applicants who do not have any of these certificates will be invited to a language test. It must be completed successfully in order for the application to proceed. 

You may be exempted from the English language test if you have any of the following certificates: 

  • Cambridge ESOL’s Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE), level C 
  • Cambridge ESOL’s Certificate in Advanced English (CAE), CEFR level C1 
  • IELTS, academy level 6, 0. 
  • TOEFL min 79 internet-based test 
  • National Certificate of language proficiency in English language (YKI), at least level 4, Intermediate (in all parts) 
  • Basic education certificate from Finland  completed in English. If you are studying in a Finnish comprehensive school in English and you graduate in spring or summer, please send us the study counsellor’s statement and a transcript of your records. 
  • Finnish upper secondary school certificate or vocational school certificate in which the language of instruction was English. 
  • Finnish higher education degree where the language of instruction was English. 
  • Academic degree completed outside of Finland, depending on the case 
  • Grade C or higher in English in the Finnish Matriculation Examination 
  • Please note! IELTS, TOEFL and Cambridge Certificates are valid only for two (2) years after the date of issue. 

You can attach your language certificate to your application or send it to

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