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Omnia Basketball Academy - OBA

Omnia Basketball Academy is meant for ambitious young basketball players who want to complete an upper secondary vocational qualification or matriculation examination. Participants in the program join Omnia's Athlete Dual Career Training and will be part of the Omnia Basketball Team, which plays in the junior main league under the age of 19 and in the men's Division 1B.

The teaching is designed in such a way that it enables purposeful basketball practice in addition to studies. The Omnia Basketball Academy program is implemented in cooperation with Walter ry and the Finnish Basketball Association. The Ministry of Education and Culture supports the project.

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Join the Team

To apply for the team, you need to be a student at Omnia. You can normally apply for an upper secondary vocational qualification through a joint application system or a continuous application system, or alternatively you can study flexibly for upper secondary studies and for a matriculation examination at Espoo Upper Secondary School for Adults.

During the application process, contact the OBA coaching team.

Omnia Basketball Academy 2021–2022

The Wellbeing and Development of the Players

Supporting the development and well-being of the team’s players is a core mission of Omnia Basketball Academy. That is why we offer a variety of services listed below to our players in addition to normal team activities. In addition to these, the team spends a lot of recreational time together by, for example, going to sporting events, eating, or going to the cinema together

Athlete’s nutrition services

Athletes are offered four dining options per day: breakfast, lunch, snack and evening food to take away.

Coaching and physiotherapy
  • Morning coaching in Leppävaara Omnia's gyms
  • Afternoon coaching at Urhea Hall, Alppila High School and Kamppi Sports Hall
  • Nutrition coaching course, coached by nutritionist Mari Lahti
  • Mental Coaching, Kim Forsblom, Urhea
  • Physics coaching, Roope Rissanen, Urhea
  • Physiotherapy, through Urhea
Camps and international activities on the team

Preparations for the season are being made at the training camp in Kisakallio.

The team aims to network in the U.S. once a year.

Where possible, the team will also participate in top international tournaments.

Postgraduate study supervision

Players are supported in transitioning to graduate study, for example, by building a player path to the United States.

An example of a weekly schedule


  • 8.00–10.00 part free / part Individual sport / physical exercise
  • 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. school


  • 8.00-10.00 individual sport exercise
  • 12:00 to 16:00 school
  • 17.00–18.30 team practice


  • 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. school
  • 17.00–18.30 team practice


  • 8.00–10.00 Individual sport / physical exercise
  • 12:00 to 16:00 school
  • 17.00–18.30 team practice


  • 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. school
  • 20.00–22.00 team practice / U19 SM / 1 div. games


  • U19 SM games and 1B men’s games are scheduled for the weekends.

Contact us

Petra Sillanpää, Head of Sports School
046 851 5210,

Justice Graham, Head Coach
044 050 5343,

Maurizio Pratesi, Executive Director of Walter ry
045 122 2501,

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