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Student newsletter Omnis 4/2022

Newsletter | 13.04.2022
Newsletter Omnis April 2022

Wishing you all a sunny future!

This year we are drawing a new strategy at Omnia for the years 2023-2025. It may seem like a distant idea, but at its best, it will be our common success story. 

What should we succeed in? How should Omnia change? These are the questions that you students have the best answer for and we have already received a lot of important information from you via different surveys and feedback. Thank you for your valuable views!

The basis of our strategy comes from the changes and expectations in working life and society. We want to provide everyone an opportunity for life-long learning. We want to ensure that everyone has a qualification and that companies get skilled workforce. We must recognise your differences and ensure that you all achieve your goals in your studies and also in your career.  

We at Omnia believe that everyone has the skills and the willingness to learn! 

Maija Aaltola, principal

The impacts of the possible strike of the municipal sector on Omnia’s services 19.–25.4. | Strikes postponed: 3.–9.5.2022

UPDATE: Strikes postponed: 3.–9.5.2022. More information on news.

The possible strike of the municipal sector will affect Omnia’s services in the period of at the campuses in Espoo. There will be no impact on the services at Kirkkonummi.

Teaching will continue, but the changes in operations are possible.

Teaching will continue during the possible strike. Information on any exceptions will be provided separately. However, if the strike will take place, it will affect Omnia’s premises and food services as well as administration and the services for students, customers and applicants.

Possible changes include the following:

  • It is our aim to keep our campuses in Espoo open during the strike. However, there might be some limitations to the operations in our premises and some premises may have to be closed.
  • Omnia’s restaurants will be closed. There will be some pre-packed food available for students.
  • There might be limitations to the operations of the services for students, customers, and applicants.
  • There might be changes and cancellations to the operations and courses at Espoo Adult Education Centre.

We follow the negotiations and will update the information on the impacts of the possible strike on our website. We will inform our students and their guardians as well as our other customers about the strike and any changes in our operations. If the strike is cancelled, our operations will continue as usual.

Repair service for clothes 19.–29.4.2022

Omnia's students repair clothes.

You can bring your clothes for a repair estimate free of charge at OmniaShop in the period of 19.–29.4.2022 from Tuesday until Friday at 12–2 pm.

The clothes must be clean. The repairs are made as a part of vocational studies and they will be ready by the end of May.

The free repair estimate includes the following: 

  • preliminary repair plan
  • price estimation (prices from 10€)
  • timetable

Repair service for clothes is a part of International Fashion Revolution Week, which takes place More information on social media with hashtag #whomadeyourclothes.

Tips of the month from InfoOmnia

Tips for April from InfoOmnia   

InfoOmnia's services in April

InfoOmnia's services are open during the possible strike in the municipal sector. We serve you by email and telephone and at the service point at Kirkkokatu. Changes are possible and up-to-date information can be found on InfoOmnia's webpage.

Renewing your password

If your password has expired or you have forgotten it, you can renew it at OmaOmnia page by using your student number and telephone number. If your telephone number has changed, please contact InfoOmnia by email and we will update it. 

”Don't queue unnecessarily” -instructions 

There are some quick guides for the most common questions on walls at Omnia's campuses. If you are at campus, have a look at the instructions! You can also take a picture of them for later use. 

Penkkarit at Omnia 31.3.2022

Work and career

Information sessions for qualifying students

Are you finishing your qualification soon? Come and listen to more information on the important issues after qualifying. 

Job seeking workshops at campuses

  • Tuesday 3.5. at 14-16 Lehtimäki, room Le1B336
  • Tuesday 3.5. at 14-16 Leppävaara, room Up1-3_1180 (bring your own laptop)
  • Wednesday 4.5. at14-16 Kirkkokatu, room Ki16A0063, (digihub library)
  • Tuesday 10.5. at 14-16 Lakela, room La1C210



Life at Omnia

Free courses and lectures at Espoo Adult Education Centre

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