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Restaurant Customer Service Waiter/waitress training

Labour policy education
Is good customer service close to your heart? A competent waiter/waitress builds a bridge between the restaurant’s products and services and the customer. A professional waiter/waitress is a top professional of customer interaction who makes service reputation reality.

Description of the training

You will graduate as a waiter/waitress from the Further Vocational Qualification in Restaurant Customer Service. During the training, you will learn to describe, recommend, sell and serve restaurant food and beverage products. You will be able to serve customers in a spontaneous, friendly and responsible way and to act in accordance with the company’s business idea and service culture.

You will also be able to explain to customers the ingredients and preparation methods of the food dishes sold. You will be able to serve customers with special dietary requirements and to process payment instruments. You will learn to make sales accounts and operate profitably, as well as to use various working methods, appliances and equipment.

Details of the training

What skills do you need?

Labor policy training is intended primarily people who do not have a job or a place to study. The training is intended for people who would like to work in the catering industry in the customer service tasks of a bar or restaurant. The applicant must have completed core studies in the field or have work experience in restaurant customer service.

Duration of education

Studies take an average of 1 year. The duration of studies is determined by the personal competence development plan (PCDP) and is influenced by, among other things, your previous studies, work experience and individual study needs.


The training consists of inspiring training days, learning tasks, group and project work, independent work, instruction in small groups and on-the-job learning. During internship normal working hours in the workplace are observed. The average number of training days is one per month.


Applications for training are made through the employment office.


Lakela, evening studies

Application period:

13.4.2022 at 10.00 - 3.8.2022 at 23.59

Start of studies:

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