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Promotion of Sustainable development 3 cp, online course

Avoin Omnia
Continuing education
Do you want to design sustainable development activities for your workplace? Where and how should you start planning your own environmental project?

Course content

  1. Introduction to environmental programs
  2. Environmental impacts
  3. How to make your own sustainable development plan
  4. Environmental communication
  5. What does a sustainable future look like?

In this course you will get to know the different stages of implementing environmental programs and design your own plan to promote sustainable development. During this course you can also get to know different environmental impacts and basics of environmental communication.

Learning outcomes

In this course you will learn to evaluate and map the factors that affect sustainable development in your work and to plan ways of promoting sustainable development. In this course you will also learn the basics of environmental communication and how to evaluate the results of environmental work.

Target group

The course is targeted at those who are interested in designing and implementing sustainable development practices. Also, you should attend the course if you are interested in finding out the environmental impacts of your work or planning your own sustainable development project.

Details on the course

Performance instructions

You will do assignments independently in Moodle -learning platform. A teacher is not attending this course.

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