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Hello Future Entrepreneur! Online course from 1st Sep 2022

Avoin Omnia
Continuing education
Do you want to learn to be an entrepreneur? What kind of companies are successful and why? This is an introductory course on entrepreneurship. It is designed to meet the criteria for Finnish vocational and upper secondary curriculum.

Course content

This course consists of seven chapters with related assignments on the assignments page. 

  1. What is Entrepreneurship?
  2. Entrepreneurial Skills and Strengths
  3. World of Successful Companies
  4. My Business Idea
  5. Elements of Business
  6. Setting up a Company
  7. Launching your business idea to the world

Learning outcomes

The basics to be an entrepreneur

Target group

Entrepreneurs and persons who are becoming entrepreneurs

Details on the course

You will do assignments independently in Moodle -learning platform. Many videos and pictures in the course are 360° so move around and learn more by clicking the symbols that lead you to more information.

You will receive Moodle instructions via email once you have registered for the course.

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