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Omnia AI Lab

The Omnia AI Lab innovates and prepares experiments that promote digital equality together with students, the rest of the Omnia community and local residents, companies and other communities.

In the AI Lab experiments, we focus on Omnia’s annual themes for sustainable development one at a time.

Our operations emphasise the appreciation of the participants and are based on creating, innovating and doing things together.

Active agent through life

In a sustainable society, everyone has an equal opportunity to explore new technologies and to acquire sufficient skills to manage everyday affairs and participate in society.

The purpose of Omnia Lab is to innovate new, radical and unprecedented ways to keep ordinary citizens as active agents. The AI Lab started operating in 2017, commissioned by the Mayor of Espoo, Jukka Mäkelä.

Strong impact 

We have noted that everyone has the ability to participate in the development of new technologies and innovations. Time after time, the expertise and wide-ranging experience of the citizens participating in the experiments have made a strong impression on traditional actors in the field of innovation.

The experiments have produced, for example, an interview with the BBC, an UNESCO visit and video greetings at ministerial level. When the participants update their skills with small practical-sized pieces of competence that they themselves get to define, something interesting and radical happens.

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