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Welcome to the improved adult education centre

Blog | 27.10.2021
Autumn has begun at Espoo Adult Education Centre, and we would like to welcome you all, families, juniors, adults, and seniors, to learn with us. You can now take part in either onsite or online teaching, from wherever suits you best. This fall, we are excited to offer you more than 1500 courses to choose from.
Espoon työväenopiston koulutuspäälliköt
Education managers of Espoo Adult Education Centre

Autumn greetings from the education managers of Espoo Adult Education Centre

Last winter, due to corona-related restrictions, we took an accelerated leap towards digitalization together with the rest of the world. We successfully adjusted Omnia’s free educational activities to distance learning, for which we would like to thank our students and our staff. During the spring of 2021, 18000 people participated in our online courses. This fall, we’ve realized that, besides adapting to extraordinary circumstances, we’ve also taken a big step towards the future and towards becoming a more diverse and multifaceted adult education center.

In addition to sustainable development (, fulfilling student needs is at the heart of our mission. The popularity of e-learning is hard to deny after having received messages from you, our students, like: “E-learning isn’t going to stop, right?” and "Surely, we’ll continue online next fall?". Nonetheless, many students have been waiting for the return of on-site teaching, to meet their classmates and teachers, and work together again, face-to-face. Your feedback helped us redesign the education we offer so that 25% of our courses will now take place online. We are intrigued to announce that hybrid learning has come to our establishment to stay!

Besides, now you can also find us on our new website - There, we welcome you to explore our subject areas, course packages, services and events. Visit our social media channels on Facebook and Instagram to participate in discussions, read the latest course news, and get to know our teachers.

We would like to welcome you all, familiar and new, Finnish- and foreign-speaking, to Espoo Adult Education Centre Omnia – together we build competence, life-long learning and well-being, and a bright future filled with opportunity!

Education managers
Tuula Alanko (languages, social science, communication, transport, information technology, media, housing/living, university for the elderly, open university)
Taina Avo (sports, health, well-being, home-ec, gardening, nature, technology, transport)
Heli Mäkeläinen (Finnish as a second language, voluntary integration education, literacy, general language proficiency)
Mia Nirhamo (literature, visual arts, music, performance dancing, theater, crafts, open learning environment)

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